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Student Works

Sometimes student work is exemplary ... or cute ... or just somehow strikes a cord. Students seem to reach within and find just the right words, or their best artistry, and the adults are struck by how beyond their years these children can sometimes be. And,  other times they are just kids doing good work and trying hard, which needs to be recognized. Enjoy these examples of student work.
If you want either of the slideshows below to pause, simply rest your cursor on the picture and select "pause" from the upper left corner of the slideshow. To resume, click "play." "Enlarge" in the upper right corner of the slideshow, yields a larger image and pauses the slideshow. Closing the larger view will make the slideshow resume.
Middle School Works (Grades 5-8)
Lower School Works (K-Grade 4)
Check out this Moon Phases lab report by eighth grader Marisol H.