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All-School Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all our students for their outstanding efforts this year. Parents, your partnership has been vital this year, as never before. Thank you for all you have given to help us educate your children. They are truly becoming Scholars, Leaders, and Citizens for the 21st century.
We are very pleased to announce the following awards, which were celebrated on Thursday, May 28, in an Zoom webinar.
Edna Gilchrist Scholarship Award
Established by Joseph A. Gilchrist in 1996, this award recognizes the fourth grade student who has achieved the highest academic success base on standardized test scores, report cards, and teacher recommendations. The award includes a stipend, which is applied to tuition for the upcoming year. James River Day School is pleased to announce Ebube Ogbu is the 2020 recipient of the Gilchrist Award.
The Scholar Award
This award is presented annually to the graduating eighth grade student who has attended James River Day School for the four years encompassing grades five through eight, and who has the highest grade point average for his or her work during those years. We are delighted to announce that Weston Richards earned the Scholar Award.
The Performing Arts Award
Established last year, this award recognizes the graduating eighth grade student whose outstanding achievement in and dedication to the performing arts have set that student apart from his/her peers. James River Day School is pleased to announce this year's recipient is Noah Paul.
The Visual Arts Award
Established in 2019, the Visual Arts Award is given to the eighth grader who has shown excellence as an artist and has contributed significantly to the school community while at James River. We are happy to recognize Carol Royster for her artistic achievements and contributions.
The Mary DuVal Horner Award
Established at the time of the first middle school graduation in 1999, this award honors Mrs. Horner’s influence in establishing the school. The faculty selects the student in grades five through eight who demonstrates in his or her actions the qualities of leadership, devotion to James River Day School, and a sense of service to others. James River Day School is pleased to award the Horner Award to Mary Clare Caprise.
The Sheree H. Bowen Award
Created by her peers on the 1998-99 Board of Trustees to honor Sheree’s sterling leadership at a time of dynamic growth in the school, this award, selected by the faculty, is given to the student from grades five through eight who exemplifies the characteristics of Mrs. Bowen’s legacy: tenacity, optimism, loyalty, and industry. James River Day School is proud to award the Bowen Award to Erika Milhorn.
The Edwin Nelson James, Jr. Athletic Award
Established in 2009, this award is in honor and memory of the many years Nelson celebrated at James River Day School. A 2005 graduate, Nelson had a passion for all sports on and off the field. This award is given to the natural athlete who gives his or her heart to every game, not for the sake of winning, but for the pure joy of sports, the exhilaration of physical activity, and the camaraderie that team sports provide. James River Day School is elated to announce the 2020 Nelson James Award goes to Anna Crowther.
D.A.R. Youth Citizenship Medal
The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in 1890 with the mission of promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism. These timeless principles keep the DAR strong and vitally relevant in this ever-changing world. To earn the DAR Youth Citizenship Award and Medal, the student portrays these traits: honor, service, courage, leadership, and patriotism. The Blue Ridge Chapter, NSDAR, is honored to present this year’s medal to Ella Layne.
The Citizenship Awards
The Citizenship Awards are given each year based upon student selection in grades three and four. The students in each of those grades choose the student who exemplifies good citizenship in their grade. James River Day School is happy to announce Kate Moss was chosen by her classmates to receive the Third Grade Citizenship Award, and Pax Armock was chosen by his classmates for the Fourth Grade Citizenship Award.
The Alma McCarthy Award
This award was established in 1979 in honor of the school’s first secretary. Mrs. McCarthy worked tirelessly to help parents, students, and the Board of Trustees in any way that she could. Her goal was to make James River Day School a place where children could realize their potential. Each year this award is given to a student in grade four who has worked tirelessly to achieve his or her greatest potential. James River Day School is pleased to present this year’s award to Lawson Capshaw.
The Clunet H. Pettyjohn, Jr. Award
Established in 1989 in honor and memory of Clunet, this award is given for outstanding traits of character. The recipient is chosen by the faculty and administration on the basis of a strong character influenced by moral values, a lively sense of humor, a love of sports including a sense of fair play and a desire to participate, honesty in every aspect of life, and a record of kindness to others. James River Day School is delighted to present the Pettyjohn Award to two students this year, Brandon Jeirles and Mary Elizabeth Kennedy
The Mr. Neil Dooley Award
The Dooley Award commemorates Mr. Dooley’s influence through his gentle manner, his devotion to the school, and his love for the students, faculty, and staff. This annual award is given by the faculty to two students, one from grades K-4 and one from grades 5-8, who have demonstrated those qualities so admired in Mr. Neil: his kindness, conscientiousness, devotion, and pride in being a part of the James River Day School community. We are proud announce that the K-4 Dooley Award goes to Colin O’Neill and the 5-8 Dooley Award goes to Sydney Heishman.
The William M. Walker Family Meritorious Teaching Award
In celebration of excellence in teaching, the William M. Walker Family established, in the spring of 2005, an annual award honoring a teacher who has gained the respect of his/her students, parents, and colleagues for devotion to the ideals of the master teacher. Selected by her teaching peers, this year’s recipient is
kindergarten teacher and K-1 Team Leader, Anissa Umberger.
The full recording of the All-School Awards Ceremony is available to James River families who may have missed the live webinar, please contact our Director of Operations, Sarah Lesko, or our Director of Communications, Ann Parker