Various Announcements

Going into the Labor Day weekend, I am grateful for the highly successful first weeks of school we have enjoyed. It has been encouraging to see how quickly the students and the faculty have settled into the routine of school. Thank you for all you do for James River--especially for being so welcoming to the many students and families who are new to the school. There's nothing like the joyous sounds of children playing on the playground or laughing with friends and teachers!
The traffic flow of morning carpool has presented us with challenges and opportunities to improve the efficiency of the process. As a school, we are brainstorming ways to refine our procedures, and there are things you and your children can do to help, too.
  • Before leaving home in the morning, load students who ride in a car seat or booster seat on the passenger side of the car.
  • After you drive onto campus by the gym, have students gather their things and put their masks on, so they are READY to disembark when you pull up in the carpool lane at the front of the school.
  • Use your dash card! Yes, use it in the morning as well as the afternoon. This helps us identify who is in each car, and we can be ready to assist those students who need us.
  • Students who can safely exit their parent’s car without assistance do not need to wait for an adult or safety patrol member to open their car door.
  • For safety, students should ALWAYS exit their car on the passenger side.
Due to the spread of COVID-19 in the Lynchburg area, Back to School Night will be virtual again this year, and the annual Parents Association Yard Sale will be held in the spring or possibly by virtual means. I urge you to be cautious over the long Labor Day weekend. Thank you once again for your partnership in safeguarding the children and for all the other ways you help James River. Don’t forget to check out the online sign up form (more information below) for the Fine Arts and Athletic Boosters. You may also purchase yearbooks and contribute to the PA through the same online form.