50 Years and Counting

As of Wednesday, September 8, 2021, James River Day School is 50 years old! That’s quite an accomplishment for an independent school. I’m so proud of our little school and the wonderful scholars, citizens, and leaders who have been educated here over the years. 
Since the school’s inception, our goals have remained the same. In the school’s original materials from the 1970’s, the founders of our school said, “James River Day School is concerned with thorough academic preparation, and with the development of boys and girls who are self-disciplined, honest, and hard-working. We believe that … a sense of responsibility is important along with academic progress. Those associated with the school strive to instill high values in the boys and girls. We want the children to have an eager sense of service, ...encouraging them towards a willing disposition to discharge their responsibilities. Boys and girls who attend James River Day School are prepared to continue their education either in private schools or in the public schools. Graduates from JRDS are doing well in both.” 
Our current mission statement expresses much the same ideals: James River Day School cherishes children and challenges them to become scholars, leaders, and citizens … in a community of academic excellence.”
We have, of course, grown and evolved over the years, but our commitment to the education of the “average to above average student” remains the same. I am more than pleased to see the progress our school is making each year in fulfilling our mission and doing it in a way that has become, and is becoming, more diverse and inclusive. In order to continue to fulfil our mission, we must never stop improving, growing, becoming better. I deeply appreciate all our faculty, staff, and our families do to make James River the best educational opportunity in our area.
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to James River Day School! We began celebrating this week, and we will continue the celebration all year long. Watch your weekly emails for details.