The Importance of Parent-Teacher Conferences

One of the main reasons James River Day School has been, and continues to be, successful is the strong partnership among the parents, the students, and the school. James River was founded 50 years ago by parents who wanted the best for their kids, and that powerful connection with the school remains strong to this day. I cannot imagine a great school without all three ”legs of the stool'' (parents, students, and school) in place. You, as parents, know your child and can provide insights to help our faculty better support your child’s growth and development. Likewise, the teachers dedicate themselves to knowing each and every student and their individual needs, both academically and socially. We are always guided by the answer to the question, “What’s best for the child?” We recognize that a strong connection between home and school is a vital part of high quality education.

An important tool for the cultivation of our partnership together is the Parent-Teacher Conference. Occurring at the midpoint of each trimester these dialogues center around the whole child--academically, socially, and emotionally. I’m excited these conferences can be in person. I never realized how important face-to-face meetings were until we were forced, for very good reason, to spend so much time meeting virtually. It’s just not the same. Three dimensional meetings beat two dimensional meetings hands down. This dedicated time celebrates your child(ren) and allows you and their teacher(s) to discuss their growth and success, as well as their opportunities for improvement. I appreciate your making time in your busy schedules for this important facet of our partnership.

Our first set of Parent-Teacher Conferences is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 20, and parents were notified of their appointment time via email on Thursday, October 15. Thank you, as always, for helping make James River Day School such a special place.