Three of the more uplifting days for me each school year are those when we hold parent conferences. Yesterday was our final parent conference day of this year, and the faculty reported that the meetings were overwhelmingly positive. You, the parents, are so appreciative of the hard work of the faculty and the part they play in molding your children into passionate learners and compassionate people. These meetings allow you to have face to face conversations with our faculty about your children, and I know they demonstrate just how well your child is known and cared for at James River. Of course, some of the time in these meetings is taken up with reviewing academic strengths and challenges, but there is also an opportunity to talk about the whole child--the social and emotional dimensions of your children. These conferences, dedicated solely to determining what is best for your child, are extremely important at solidifying and enhancing the ongoing partnership we have with you. A strong parent-school partnership is essential for student success and contributes greatly to James River’s excellence. Thank you for entrusting us with your children and for partnering with us to support their growth and foster their love of learning. And thank you to our faculty who cherish your children and dedicate each day to challenging them to become scholars, leaders, and citizens.