It's been a great last week, and now we're off on summer adventures!

This week has been spectacular.
Our students enjoyed many field trips, and lower school had a blast with Field Day. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to put those events together for the children.
Today, we hosted our first in-person All-School Awards since 2019. There were numerous touching moments, and it simply felt wonderful to celebrate the end of the year with everyone together. Our 8th graders then enjoyed some lunch and fellowship followed by a trip to the Academy for their graduation rehearsal, which went smoothly. I'm sure they are excited for tomorrow's graduation ceremony, as am I. I know they will make us all proud.
I am so proud of ALL of our students. They are a fantastic bunch of young people. I hope everyone's summers will be filled with fun and adventure. I can hardly wait to enjoy part of my summer with those who are going on the trip to Ecuador and Peru. And another group is headed to Quebec. Talk about an adventures!