Academic Support

One of the things that make James River truly unique is our Academic Support Program. We know that kids learn in many ways and at varying rates, and by recognizing students’ differences in learning and providing the right support, we believe every child can achieve their potential and find success. 
  • In the early elementary grades (K-3), our team of experts provides small-group, specialized instruction in phonics, reading, or math to ensure students the support needed for growth and success. Students qualify for this program based on teacher recommendations and standardized test scores. Our close attention to the needs of each student means no child “falls through the cracks.”
  • In grades 4-8, our Resource Program supports students experiencing specific, diagnosed learning differences. Our specially trained Resource teachers serve as academic coaches, mentors, and advocates, working closely with classroom teachers and advisors.
  • Most recently, we have added support for students new to James River. Students new to the school have always faced the normal challenges of adjusting to new routines, teachers and friends, and academic expectations. The challenges are even greater now when so many students had their learning experiences significantly impacted by the pandemic over the past two-plus years. Our New Student Academic Support program helps with the transition to James River by providing small group or individual support for new students in grades 4-8.
Our Academic Support Program exists as a response to “What is best for the child?” It is yet another example of our mission in action, “cherishing and challenging” our students.