A Great First Trimester and Reasons to Give Thanks

We finish our first trimester of the school year tomorrow and these months have been filled with hard work and joyful learning, friendships and community building, and the generosity of time, and care from all of our constituents.

I am, first and foremost, grateful for our faculty and staff who, every day, put the students and James River above themselves, to ensure a safe and happy education for all. I asked the faculty to share the experiences they are most grateful for over this first trimester, and I think their words speak louder than mine.

“I am grateful to learn together as a kindergarten community, baking and devouring our own scrumptious mini apple tarts.”

“I have a tradition in my classroom where we go around and say why we are grateful for each other. This builds community and love in our classroom.”

“Visiting the Adult Day Care and playing music for them and bringing them goodies is a favorite. The interaction with the adults was priceless!”

“I have many favorite projects but one highlight was our Remembrance Day poppies in the third grade.”

“The 4th Grade One-Miler and all the Cardinal Buddy events are a favorite. It is always such a joy to see our older students with our younger students.”

“I was grateful to be able to travel with my class to the American Shakespeare Center.”

“My favorite was a cross-curricular project with my art class painting illustrations for tree signs on the nature trail while the environmental science class researched and wrote descriptions.”

“It was incredible to see the students' level of engagement when they were asked to debate the validity of the moon landing.”

“I am grateful for watching a cross country runner earn a medal and seeing that fire lit within her to work even harder.”

“Having students create colorful flames and seeing the wonderment on their faces was a highlight.”

“My favorite project this trimester has been the mural of Cameroun that my French 1 class has been working on in the studio, in conjunction with our novel study.”

“I am grateful to have seen my students learn about and then present on the nonprofits that do so much good in our Lynchburg community.”

During this time of Thanksgiving, we are celebrating all the things we have accomplished and all the reasons we have to be grateful. Our Thankful Hearts Feast, held earlier today, was an especially joyous occasion as we were able to return to having an in-person event for the first time since 2019. Thank you, parents and others in the James River community, for your unwavering support of our school and the Canned Food Drive. I am humbled by your show of love and generosity.