Some Things Never Change

The school recently received an email from an alumnus of 20 years ago recalling his time at James River and praising the school for all it had done to make him the person he is today. It was noteworthy that these same things the alum was praising -- a deep personal connection with the faculty and excellent academic preparation -- continue to be hallmarks of a James River education today. The world of today is not the same as it was in 2002. Still, one thing has remained constant: James River has consistently produced Scholars, Leaders, and Citizens of the highest quality and continues to do so today. 
As a K-8 school our job is to prepare our students for high school -- any high school -- large or small, public or private. Our students are consistently placed in advanced classes in high school as their academic preparation and excellent study habits qualify them for these pursuits. I am now teaching my fifteenth Algebra 2 class here at James River, and my former students come back year after year to report how well-prepared they have been for the advanced math courses they later took in high school. And the same is true for the other high school credit courses our students take in science and world languages. Over and over, the feedback from our alumni, their high school teachers, and their parents supports that a James River education is the strong academic and social-emotional foundation necessary for future success.
James River graduates exhibit good character, possess advanced academic skills, and are set for success in high school, college, and life. This is just as true now as it has always been. 
I feel like James River Day School gave me the belief … that I am able to accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. - Randy Trost (JRDS 2017 and EC Glass & Governor’s School Valedictorian 2021)
It’s the best investment we have ever made for our kids. The result is a scholar, leader, and citizen who is prepared to contribute and flourish in a fast-changing world. - Swathi Prabhu, Alumni Parent
I can easily tell which students in my classroom graduated from James River. They are quick to jump in, not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes, and confident in taking the lead. - local high school teacher (name withheld by request)