A Resounding Success!

The school, myself included, is still basking in the afterglow of last weekend’s performances (on April 28 & 29) of the middle school play, Annie. Few events in recent memory have generated such immediate and widespread enthusiasm and goodwill. The entire school community was enriched by this daring endeavor so wonderfully masterminded by the play’s director, Ann Shenigo.
Obviously, the actors and the stagehands were enriched by meeting the challenge of a full production such as this. That experience will serve them well in future productions--nearly all of them are ready to sign up for next year’s production, regardless of what it is. The parental support for the play was phenomenal. The faculty also got caught up in Annie fever. Our younger students were mesmerized by the play and will want to participate in the future. And the play attracted former parents and students, grandparents, and other friends of the school as an audience. It was just a wonderful and positive experience all the way around. Many thanks to all those who helped make this play possible.
Our community is so glad to have this theatre experience back for our middle school students. Here's what some others have been saying about the play.
"Bravo to Ann! The kids were wonderful! And props to the faculty who took the time to participate as well!" -John Gillum
"STANDING OVATION!!! Thank you, Ann, for bringing back our middle school theater program!! The kids (and faculty) were AMAZING! Bravo!!" -Paddy Braunstein
"Bravo, JRDS Theatre! I just wanted to congratulate [you all] on a fantastic weekend of performances. I am so happy to see middle school theater back - and so well done! It takes an incredible amount of work to put a show like that together! It really warmed my heart seeing all of those years of working on making tuneful, beat-ful, and artful students come to life on stage. I cannot wait for next year! (No pressure!)" -Leigh Berkley