Our Unique Culture

One of the most precious attributes of James River Day School is its unique culture. I remember many years ago sensing it immediately upon entering the building. The joy, wonder, curiosity, and excitement are palpable. Students truly enjoy their school experience, and who wouldn’t? They have knowledgeable teachers who guide them in a caring way toward increased academic achievement and exemplary character. It’s fun!
And the James River culture also manifests itself in our faculty. They are given clear direction through a thoughtfully crafted curriculum and the freedom to do what is best for their students each day.
Another major component of the James River culture is the outstanding partnership the school is privileged to have with our students’ parents. Our parents understand what we are trying to accomplish and support us at home with the same high standards of hard work and good character that we strive for here at school.
Very few schools have this wonderful atmosphere. I have always considered it one of my most important duties to preserve this incredible culture. I inherited it, and it has been my duty to steward it and make it available to the next generation of students and teachers. That’s an important job. Our culture is the embodiment of our mission to cherish and challenge our students.
8th graders congratulate Mr. York on his retirementI am grateful and humbled by the many displays of appreciation I have received over the last several weeks from students, my colleagues, and parents as I head into retirement. Though I won’t be physically present in the future, please know I’ll be with you in spirit.