An Astounding Number

I hope families are taking time each week to look through the Weekly Email to find the news and information that applies to them. James River is a dynamic place with amazing people, so there is always a lot of information to share.
  • Handbook Acknowledgement is due Monday.
  • Volunteer through the PA Volunteer Survey. Your skills, your time, and your smiling face are very much wanted and appreciated!
  • Come to the Fall Family Picnic on Friday, September 29! It’s going to be so much fun, and I am truly looking forward to seeing you all there!
  • If you know of any friends who are considering James River for the future, please invite them to attend the picnic with you and let us know who is coming.
I am becoming well acquainted with the devotion, love, and professionalism our teachers bring to their craft. I was, however, rather blown away by a number recently. That number is the years of teaching experience these hard-working colleagues have accumulated.
Any guesses? It is more than 790 years! That’s right, 790 years of combined teaching know-how and gentle guidance of many, many students. Just think how many lives they have impacted and how many lessons they have planned. I am always in awe of our talented faculty and have the deepest gratitude for all they do for our wonderful community.
Let’s Fly!