Those who keep learning will keep rising in life. -- Charlie Munger
I hope that your families enjoyed some time off for the holiday season. I also hope that the new year brings a sense of renewal and a return to a normal routine. 
We open January with a new word of the month: perseverance. If you read Thrivers, perseverance is covered in chapter 6. This is the chapter I wished I had read when my children were younger, but I still find it useful today in helping them navigate young adulthood. At James River, students will face many challenges, and these challenges will help students learn, grow, and develop perseverance. This might be from participating in the Spelling Bee, trying out for a role in the middle school musical, or even getting their first low grade. As parents, we may wish to smooth the path to success, but rescuing our children (although it may help them feel better in the moment) can have long-term detrimental effects, including increased anxiety, reduced confidence, and less motivation. I invite you to think about what opportunities you may have as a parent to support perseverance and encourage your children to move through adversity with grace. My favorite question to ask my children (even as young adults) is, “What did you learn from that experience to help you do it differently next time?”
May the new year bring you growth and contentment. 
Let’s Fly!