Upcoming Events

We learn from wins and losses. Joy and pain. Success and failure. However, if you can develop a learning mindset, every obstacle then becomes a test of how bad you want it and a gift that offers valuable lessons for growth. --Michael D’Aulerio, ultra-marathon runner
Our students have settled into the new year with their typical grace and joy, and I have enjoyed hearing their laughter in the halls. Behind the scenes, we have begun plans to prepare for the many events that round out our school year like Grandparents and Friends Day, the Bird Bash, graduation, and more. We have made one calendar adjustment for this year that I want to highlight. 
We will host the VAIS accreditation team in April for our final accreditation visit. We have adjusted the school day for Tuesday, April 23, to a half-day for students to give time for our faculty to hear from the accreditation team and make final preparations for Parent Conferences, which occur the following day. The school calendar has been updated, but please mark your calendars for a staggered early dismissal on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.
Additionally, we are republishing our inclement weather plans below. Please note that we do not follow the closure plans for Lynchburg City Schools. We will be sure to notify families of any changes to our schedule as early as possible. 
Let’s Fly!
The photos featured this week are of our Kindness and Spirit Club as they decorated our sidewalks with encouraging messages.