As February Begins

People have to take chances in order to do something extraordinary. --Priya Parker
Perseverance was the character word of the month for January. In Thrivers, Borba describes perseverance as the trait that “helps kids keep on when everything else makes it easier to give up.” It might have seemed an unlikely word for the new year when many of us discuss fresh starts, new habits, and goals. The reality is that it takes a lot of energy to follow through on a fresh start. Post-holiday blues and shorter days can make this feel like an impossible mountain to climb. The good news is that January is officially behind us, and we can look towards spring and all that brings! 
The character word of the month for February is Curiosity. Being a part of James River means that we cherish this part of childhood and work to ensure that our students feel a sense of wonder while striving to think of new ways to solve problems. If you are following along in Thrivers, curiosity is covered in Chapter 5, beginning on page 162. It is an action-packed chapter that I hope you won’t miss!!!
Let’s Fly!