Parenting These Days

I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else. –Abby Wambach

Parenting is hard. 

Parenting in a post-pandemic, technology-driven society is even more complicated. Even if you had model parents growing up, you may still find yourself struggling with the challenges of parenting today. As our children grow, it is vital that we have a firm ability to keep the lines of communication open with our children and meet their needs developmentally.

Our spring Parent Book Club read, Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen, is ideal for navigating difficult conversations/topics with your children today. Don’t let the title deceive you; this book is for parents of children of any ageFourteen Talks is an insightful book on preparing for the adolescent years and laying the groundwork for healthy communication. It covers topics such as changing friendships, the idea of fairness, technology usage, impulsivity, and much more. A bonus for this book is that you do not need to read it cover to cover. After reading Chapters 1-3, you can pick any chapter that interests you and take what you need.

My favorite portion of every chapter is called “Conversation Crashers,” which can be a great reminder of how easily our children sometimes tune us out. Michelle Icard says of developing communication strategies in the parent-child relationship, “Setting limits fairly and firmly, without taking pride in being mean, is a good way to show your tween how they can do the same with their friends, employers, and romantic partners later in life.” Every opportunity for a healthy conversation helps us model what kind of adults we want our children to be.

Even if you can’t attend our book talks, I hope you enjoy the book.

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