“Optimistic kids view challenges and obstacles as temporary and able to be overcome, and they are more likely to succeed.” –Michele Borba, Thrivers, pg. 227
As we slide into Spring Break, I am reminded of how wonderful this time of year is and how much we all need a break. Spring is a rapid period of growth not only for our plants and flowers but also for our children. They expend a great deal of energy on physical, cognitive, and social growth all year, but especially in the spring. Spring Break comes at just the right time when we all need some downtime and a break from the ups and downs that come with all this growth. 
It is no coincidence that our Word of the Month for March was Optimism. The ability to find a silver lining is a valuable life skill that helps us find hope and build independence and empathy. I encourage you to take time with your family to rest that sense of optimism. In Thrivers, Borba offers these suggestions: encourage good deeds, watch good films, read good books, be a “good finder” (look for the good in a situation), and find good quotes. I hope you have moments of good in your Spring Break and time to connect as a family.
Let’s Fly!