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Under Construction

James River Day School is growing! Many of our grade levels are at full capacity with a waiting list, particularly in grades 5 through 8. We simply need more room. Presently some teachers are sharing a classroom and that makes scheduling classes extremely difficult.
To meet our growing needs, a new wing with two middle school science labs, two classrooms, several offices, plus support spaces is being built. These new classrooms and labs will free up a science lab and a classroom in the present building, which will be dedicated to resource needs and a dedicated lower school science lab. Since many have been asking about the layout of the new building, we're including the plan here. The plan includes part of the existing building to show where the new building will connect.
building plan
Our capital campaign, Cardinals Study! Cardinals Play! has raised over $2 million of the $2.5 million goal. James River Day School's trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students are so appreciative of the many donors who have given, and are giving, to make this project a reality. Want to be a part of the excitement? Call Sally Horner, Director of Advancement, at 434-384-7385 or go to http://jrds.school/apps/pages/capital-campaign to contribute.
The construction will continue even after the new wing is built. A new playground and upgrades to our present athletic field are also in the works.
12/15/2016 - We began this week with rain, and we're ending the week with bone-chilling cold. The weather is definitely making an impact on the construction of the new building. Despite the weather delays, the construction team is making headway. They have poured the foundation for the building and have begun laying the block, including the start of the elevator shaft.
01/05/2017 - Despite the rain and cold this week, we are still on schedule! Work continues on the foundation work for the new building.
01/12/17 - The snow, rain, and resulting mud have certainly slowed things down this week. Crews are working where they can, as quickly as they can, to keep us on schedule.
01/19/17 - Rain and mud have hindered progress a bit this week. Crews have begun setting up the new HVAC units and the lines to those, as well as taking additional measurements to ensure the present building and the new wing will connect properly.
01/26/17 - The good weather toward the end of this week has allowed the foundation work on the new building to continue.
02/02/17 - They've poured the slab! It was fascinating to watch them work as the construction crew poured, leveled, smoothed, and polished the cement. After letting the slab cure a bit, they have begun laying the block! Let's hope the weather continues to cooperate.
02/09/17 - It's exciting to watch the masons lay row upon row of cinder block and see the outlines of the new wing begin to three dimensions. The walls are no longer just lines on paper; they're real! Keep your fingers crossed for more good weather!
02/16/17 - The walls are getting higher and higher. Now, we have to take the pictures from another view in order to see the progress.
02/23/17 - We're getting closer to having a whole new building! The walls are really going up. The progress is amazing.
03/02/17 - Lots more cinder blocks (or concrete masonry units, as the builders call them) have been laid, and the steel girders arrived this week. Maybe we'll see those installed next week.
03/09/17 - Nearly done with the walls on the first floor! Here's hoping we'll have girders in place and the second floor begun soon.
03/16/17 - New stairway has been begun and more walls are finished. Can't wait to see what next week brings.
03/23/17 - Soon we won't be able to see over into the new building; the walls will be too high. The structure to support the second floor has been put in place.
03/30/17 - The sheet metal and rebar have been laid in preparation for pouring the cement for the second floor and the new stairway is complete! Monday should see the pouring of the second floor.
04/06/17 - The second floor cement has been poured! We're getting there!
04/20/17 - The second floor walls are going up! Each day the change is visible.
04/27/17 - The nearly constant rain we've had recently has slowed things down, but with the sun comes new progress. The masons are scrambling to make up for the time lost to the weather, and the rest of the second floor walls are flying up. The beams to support the second floor should go in next week.
05/04/17 - The masons have been busy as can be. The second floor masonry is taking shape! 
05/11/17 - The second floor masonry is nearly finished and the I-beams are in! 
05/18/17 - A large crane was used on Wednesday, May 17, to "fly" the girders into place to support the roof of the new wing. This entailed clearing the playground periodically for the obvious safety reasons. Everyone was good-natured about the interruptions and so excited to see the roof getting started.
05/25/17 - The roof supports are being put in place, and the exterior is being prepped for the addition of the final brick facing to be laid. Things are moving right along!
06/01/17 - Progress on construction has reached the point that most of the changes are inside.
06/29/17 - The roof is going on. The brick is laid. They are currently jack-hammering out the concrete floor shown in the foreground of this photo. It has to come out to make way for the ramp that will ultimately connect the new building to the middle school hall.
07/27/17 - The connections from the existing building to the new wing have been made. It feels good to stand in the second floor hallway of the new building and be able to look back and see Mrs. Brandon's room. The finishing work is underway!