July 26, 2017

Summer is always an interesting time for schools and their students. During the school year the hallways and classrooms are alive with the sounds of learning, of friendships, of discovery. During the summer all of those things happen outside of school--at camp, traveling with family, and even in the chapters of a good book. The teachers and I are excited to welcome students back to school in August and hear all about their adventures.

If you have come by school in recent weeks, you will have noticed the new building and playground are rapidly shaping up for the start of school -- the sounds of drilling, hammering, and excavating indicate great things ahead. Exploring the new spaces will make the start of the school year extra exciting for all of us. What an amazing time to be part of the JRDS community!

Of course, there are other happenings at school, too. Since early July I have been in school getting ready for the year ahead. Mr. York, Ms. Horner, and many others have been helping me settle in and start learning everything I need to know to help get the school year off to a great start. I have been lucky to meet many students and parents over the summer, and I eagerly anticipate seeing everyone back at school in August.
Until then, enjoy summer and whatever adventures unfold.
Mr. Twadell