September 28, 2017

The relevancy of the term scholar is as important in today's society as at anytime in the past. One key underpinning of scholarship, as we define it at James River Day School, is literacy. An interesting perspective on modern literacy was presented by Ernest Boyer (past president, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching) in the book 21st Century Skills; Learning for Life in Our Times. Dr. Boyer wrote, "It is no longer enough simply to read and write. Students must also become literate in the understanding of visual images. Our children must learn how to spot a stereotype, isolate a social cliché, and distinguish analysis from banter, and important news from coverage."
As teachers, we are deeply and continuously engaged in understanding how to help our students develop literacy -- in all media -- in preparation for a changing, complex world. Our mission to develop scholars, leaders, and citizens remains relevant and essential, even as we embrace new opportunities and challenges.