February 8, 2018

Great teachers are many things, but first and foremost they are lifelong learners. Today and tomorrow, we have a gaggle of James River teaching faculty attending the Children’s Engineering Conference to explore what is happening across the educational field. As a school, we have been working diligently to incorporate the essential elements of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) into our practices at every level of the school. No matter what age student we work with or what our main focus might be, we all recognize the essential benefits inherent in thoughtful STEAM education.
Some of the conference’s main goals are:
  • to explore how people create, use, and control technology;
  • to apply knowledge in mathematics, science, English, and history, and social sciences in solving problems associated with design, engineering, and technology; and
  • to use tools and materials to develop technological literacy and self-confidence.
We are excited to learn more from our colleagues when they return! In the meantime, we hope parents of K-4 students will join us next Thursday evening (February 15) for the K-4 STEAM Night from 6:00-7:00pm.