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Eighth Grade Information

Graduation Attire
James River asks our eighth graders to dress in a more formal way for this significant occasion. The traditional graduation dress code means graduates wear one of the following combinations:
  • a blazer (navy or black), a white or light blue dress shirt (tucked in) with a tie or bowtie, dress slacks with a belt, and dress shoes with socks.
  • a white dress or dressy pants/skirt and a white blouse with appropriate accessories and dress shoes (dressy sandals are acceptable).

There are certain clothing items that are not appropriate for Graduation. Shorts, flip flops, and backless/strapless/spaghetti-strap dresses/blouses/shirts are not suitable. And, of course, the school's regular dress code applies on this day as well. Please see the Handbook for the full dress code.
Career Shadowing
The Career Shadowing Experience, also known simply as Career Shadowing, is an opportunity for the students to visit a business in which they are interested and to observe, in person, for a day how it operates. The students can discuss the pros and cons of a particular field with someone performing that job. The insight they gain into a particular career can be transformative. Many alumni have said how this brief mentorship has stayed with them and helped them by either confirming their interest or helping them see that some other direction might be a better fit.
Whether it has any bearing on their future employment decisions or not, Career Shadowing is exciting. From beginning to end, Career Shadowing is student-led and calls on the many skills students have acquired in their years at James River. The students must:
  • be introspective and thoughtful about determining their field of interest, researching the opportunities available in that field.
  • communicate effectively with the professional/business mentor to arrange their experience.
  • prepare for the visit itself.
  • conduct themselves professionally and courteously during their shadowing day.
  • thank their professional mentors afterward with a formal letter.
  • collate all the information they have gathered.
  • prepare a presentation that shows what they have learned, and 
  • effectively communicate their findings to people from kindergarteners through adults on Career Day, which is on April 4 this year.
Eighth graders may obtain more information and the necessary forms from Mrs. Crowther, the Career Shadowing Experience faculty sponsor.