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Academic Support

Guided by the premise that identifying a child’s needs and providing support builds the toolset and relationships necessary to help a child learn new skills, overcome challenges, and achieve academic growth, James River Day School has programs in place to ensure success for each student.
Early Grades Interventionstudent working on story development
Support in the early elementary grades recognizes that young children develop skills at varying rates. The small group specialized instruction in phonics, reading, or math provides students the support needed for growth and success. Any student can participate at any point in the lower grades, as recommended by the classroom teacher. Referrals are based on standardized assessment scores and classroom performance.
Students with specific, diagnosed, learning differences may enter the Resource Program following a required, full psycho-educational evaluation. A Student Education Plan (SEP) is written, outlining the accommodations to address each student’s individual learning needs. Levels of support depend on each student's specific needs as outlined by their SEP. Resource teachers collaborate with classroom teachers in implementing accommodations and interventions. Formal Resource begins in the 4th grade.
  • 4th Grade Resource - Resource support in 4th grade is a continuation of the services provided in Early Intervention, with the students being pulled for small group reading and/or math instruction as needed.
    • Students are pulled from their homeroom class during the reading or math period for specific instruction.
    • Hours per week of support are determined by each student’s specific needs.
  • Middle School Resource (5th-8th) - Resource teachers serve as academic coaches, mentors, and advocates, working closely with each student’s advisor and all middle school faculty.
    • Resource support provides help with the review and practice of key concepts and skills, note-taking, test preparation, and other academic needs. Support at this level is helping students develop the skills and techniques for success in middle school and well beyond.
    • Students may receive Resource support during the world language period and/or the study hall period. Students attending Resource during the foreign language period are exempt from the world language requirement.
    • Hours per week of support are determined by each student’s specific needs.
The academic support systems outlined above and our talented faculty help children find academic success and become confident and curious learners.