Affording James River

James River Day School is proud of its superb educational program for children in grades K-8. We are also fully aware that an independent school education is a major financial investment, and we are committed to providing this opportunity to students from all across the Lynchburg area. We firmly believe that an exceptional education for your child is an Invaluable commitment to their future. A James River education brings significant returns on your investment throughout your child’s life.

An independent school education is an investment in the future. James River's educational programming is strongly supported through tuition dollars and generous donations (which are tax-deductible). To preserve the quality of our offerings, tuition costs have been set by our board as outlined below.

Application Fee: A $75 non-refundable application fee is due with each student's application.
Registration Fee: A $500 non-refundable registration fee is due with each student's contract. This fee will be applied to that student's tuition.

Tuition Schedule for 2024-25
Lower School (K-4): $15,250
Middle School (5-8): $15,825
Fee Schedule for 2024-2025
Buildings and Grounds Fee: $300
Book and Supply Fee: $200
Additional fees may apply throughout the year for incidental expenses on a student-by-student basis. Some examples include field trip fees, instrument rentals, PE t-shirts, yearbooks, etc.
FACTS assesses various fees related to the payment method selected and for returned items. These are paid directly to FACTS by Parents.

Returned Checks
There is a $50 charge for each returned check or dishonored payment.

Late Payments
The School reserves the right to charge a 1.5% monthly fee on invoices more than 30 days past due.
Optional Fees 
Bus Transportation to the Bedford/Forest Area
Fees are based on one-way or round-trip payable by semester. Contact Sarah Lesko for more information ([email protected]).

The Children's Center
Afternoon Care (3:00 - 5:30 p.m.)
Fees are payable monthly. Contact Katrina Phillips for additional information ([email protected]).
Parents may choose from one of the following three payment plans - if special changes are needed the business office must be contacted when the enrollment is submitted.
  • Plan A: One-time payment of full Tuition and $500 in Fees owed in full due on or before June 15, 2024.
  • Plan B: Two installment payments, the first payment representing 60% of Tuition, $500 in Fees and 60% of the Plan B service fee (2% of Tuition) due on or before June 15, 2024, and the second payment representing 40% of Tuition and 40% of the Plan B service fee due on or before January 17, 2025.
  • Plan C: Ten consecutive, monthly installment payments, each payment due on or before the 15th day of each month beginning June 15, 2024. The first payment includes 10% of Tuition, $500 in Fees, and 10% of the Plan C service fee (5% of Tuition). Each of the nine subsequent payments includes 10% of Tuition and 10% of the Plan C service fee.
James River Day School is committed to maintaining a socioeconomically diverse student body and does not want finances to hinder qualified students from applying. We encourage families to apply for admission even if they have questions about their ability to afford full tuition. For families demonstrating need, James River Day School is proud to provide financial assistance to over 21% of currently enrolled families. 
James River Day School’s educational programming is supported by tuition dollars and generous donations.
Our Tuition Assistance Program helps bridge the gap between a family’s resources and the total cost of education by reducing a family's contribution through a tuition assistance grant based on demonstrated need. Grants are awarded to families with a variety of household incomes. Tuition assistance applications are confidential.
Complete the FACTS financial aid application at You will be given the option to submit any additional information you feel is relevant at the end of the FACTS application.

If you need assistance, please contact Laurie Harris at 434-384-7385. She will be happy to assist you.