The James River Day School athletic program for students in grades five through eight supports the development of the complete scholar, leader, and citizen through involvement in team sports. Recognizing that children have a wide range of abilities that change as they grow, we endeavor to provide an inclusive and developmentally appropriate program. The athletic field is also an excellent place to learn about trustworthiness, respect, fairness, caring, responsibility, and good citizenship. Students enjoy the excitement of competition and learn the value found in both winning and losing. 

Athletic Offerings
Students in grades five through eight may participate on one or more of the following athletic teams: 

Fall: Winter: Spring:
Cross Country (co-ed )     Boys' Basketball    Girls' Lacrosse
Soccer (co-ed) Girls' Basketball  Boys' Lacrosse
Girls' Volleyball    
Participation is arranged for each child appropriate to his or her age, development, ability, and interest, while maintaining an element of fun throughout all levels of our program. Programs for fifth and sixth graders put a greater emphasis on participation and skill development. Players can expect to learn the fundamentals of the sport and rules of play. Competition at this level may or may not involve interscholastic events. In sports where competition at this level is available with other programs, the Athletic Director and/or coach will seek games with those programs. Opportunities to compete will also be available in the form of scrimmage games with teammates or other James River Day School squads. The goal of participation at this level is to learn the game, learn to manage practice times, learn to be part of a team, and develop the skills necessary to compete interscholastically at the seventh and eighth grade level.

As athletes advance to seventh and eighth grade, while skill development, game knowledge, and the responsibility of being a member of a team continue to be a priority, more emphasis is placed on playing strategically for the win. Practice requirements at this level will increase and students are expected to attend ALL practice sessions with focus and effort. Playing time may be affected by attendance and focus at practice sessions. The seventh and eighth grade teams will be primary school representatives at interscholastic competitions.

The purpose of the athletic program, regardless of age level, is for each athlete to develop a healthy lifestyle and recreational skills, while learning about commitment, self-discipline, self-sacrifice, sportsmanship, cooperation, citizenship, loyalty, and pride in one’s self and school community. Athletics also provide opportunities for students to learn to deal with adversity. Some practice time will be devoted to specific lessons on these critical components of character development.

Athletic Eligibility
As a member of an athletic team, each student is a representative of James River Day School and must accept responsibility for his or her actions on and off the field. Team members are expected to be in good academic standing, to attend all practices and games, and to show respect to their coach, their teammates, their opponents, and game officials.

Prior to the start of the school year, parents are required to attend an athletics meeting to review athletic policies as well as player and parent expectations. Students and parents must sign a copy of the Parent/Player Code of Conduct. A signed copy of the Code of Conduct and a completed VHSL sports physical must be on file with the Athletic Director by the first day of practice in order for a student to participate with the team. The VHSL sports physical forms are available on the Forms & Publications page of the school website. The Code of Conduct forms will be handed out by the Athletic Director and team coaches when practice for that season begins.
For more information on James River's athletic philosophy and pertinent parent information about this program, please review the Parent-Player Handbook shown below.