Community Service

Community Service
Community service helps a person become a better citizen and leader. Committing to one's community through service builds a person's ability to empathize with others. To that end, James River endeavors to incorporate community service into our students' lives and learning.
Some examples of recent service projects are:
  • Students make cards and decorations for Meals on Wheels.
  • Fourth grade students handle the collection of the school's paper for recycling, while middle school students collect and clean drink containers for recycling.
  • At different times of the year, students collect clothing and/or toys/stuffed animals for donation to charitable organizations.
  • One the school community's biggest projects every year is the Thankful Hearts Canned Food Drive. Each November, students, parents, faculty, and staff work together to collect more than 7,000 cans of food for local emergency food pantries and kitchens.
  • Fourth grade students serve on the safety patrol at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up during the carpool periods for younger students, assisting the younger children in and out of cars.
  • Older students serve as Cardinal Buddies for younger students. This school-wide program features one "Buddy" event each month.
  • Eighth grade students serve as peer mentors and tutors to younger students.
  • The students make cards, posters, and sometimes cakes for the firefighters at Station 5, which are then carried to the firefighters at Thanksgiving. The entire student body walks to the fire station to take these and other thank-you treats to the firefighters in what has become a favorite annual event.
  • Second graders visit the Adult Day Care Center three times a year at Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's. Students bring small handmade gifts for the seniors and perform songs to entertain their older friends.
  • Middle school advisory groups have done litter clean up along the roadsides bordering the campus and cleaned debris from a small stream as well.
  • At Christmas, many advisory groups and homerooms sponsor an angel from the Jubilee Family Development Center, gathering gifts to brighten the holidays for children at the center.