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Financial Aid

James River Day School is committed to making its educational opportunities available to students without regard to financial circumstances.

James River Day School is committed to maintaining a socio-economically diverse student body and does not want finances to hinder qualified students from applying. We encourage families to apply for admission even if they have questions about their ability to afford full tuition. If you believe your resources are not sufficient to meet the full cost of tuition, please apply for financial aid. For families demonstrating need, awards are made in varying amounts up to half of tuition. Aid is available at all grade levels, and anyone can apply. Financial aid awards are made separately from admission decisions and are confidential.

James River Day School has several payment plans available to help families afford tuition. In Plan A, the full payment is due by July 1. In Plan B, tuition is split into two payments, 60% plus $50 administrative fee due in July and 40% due in January. In Plan C, tuition is divided into ten monthly payments with 1.5% interest on the declining balance.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid
1. Complete the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) at School and Student Services (SSS) beginning November 1.
2. Submit a copy of your most recent tax return to the attention of James River's Director of Financial Aid.
3. Submit a letter containing any relevant information that may not be reflected in the PFS, along with your requested award amount, to the attention of James River's Director of Financial Aid.
For assistance with the financial aid process, families new to James River Day School should contact the Director of Advancement (434-455-4763). Families returning to James River Day School should contact the Director of Financial Aid (434-384-7385 x112) for assistance.

The Financial Aid Committee (consisting of the Director of Financial Aid, Associate Head of School, and Director of Advancement) reviews each application and makes determinations based on the above information. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will applying for financial aid hinder my child's chances of being admitted to James River Day School? No, financial aid and admissions are separate processes.

Do I make too much money to apply for aid? Income levels for families receiving aid range widely, and there is no maximum income level to qualify. Awards are based on a family's individual circumstances and demonstrated needs.

If I apply for aid, will my child be known as a "financial aid kid"? No, the financial aid process is confidential. Students and faculty do not know which families have applied for, or are receiving, assistance.