James River Day School cherishes children and challenges them to become scholars, leaders, and citizens for the 21st century, in a community of academic excellence.
James River Day School students work together to assemble part of an experiment.
As scholars, James River students ...
  • read and write well.
  • think mathematically.
  • develop skills needed to pursue scientific research and engineering.
  • use technology for research and presentation.
  • approach learning with intellectual curiosity and dedication.
  • tackle challenging problems with creativity and precision.
  • employ multiple perspectives in research and analysis.
  • engage in strategic and critical thinking, experimentation and creative hands-on learning.
As leaders, James River students …eighth graders raising the flag at James River Day School
  • listen carefully and collaborate with others.
  • are innovative and seek multiple solutions to challenges.
  • are honest and promote a sense of fair play.
  • seek additional responsibility and fulfill responsibilities cheerfully.
  • stand up for what's right and confront injustice.
As citizens, James River students …
  • develop the ability to see and respect multiple viewpoints.
  • develop the skills and flexibility necessary to thrive in a changing world.
  • connect and contribute to the local and global communities.
  • are good stewards of the environment.
  • practice tolerance through the appreciation of diverse cultures, styles and opinions in our school, community, nation and the world.