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Strategic Plan

James River Day School is dedicated to developing scholars, leaders, and citizens for the 21st century. With this enduring mission as our guide, we have developed our current strategic plan. This plan will frame our vision and provide specific steps to support our best practices and achieve the aspirational objectives that will guide James River Day School into the future. As the strategic plan developed, four strategic imperatives emerged:
strategic plan graphic
  1. Promote, elevate, and amplify the school’s story of impact that creates scholars, leaders, and citizens (i.e., Tell our story better.)
  2. Broaden our community of excellence while creating a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  3. Ensure a robust and sustainable financial future for the school.
  4. Maintain the operational and programmatic excellence that enables James River Day School to provide challenging, dynamic, and character-based learning experiences.
Each strategic imperative will be backed by several goals, specific steps to implement those goals and metrics to measure progress. Task forces, composed of trustees, administrators, faculty, and community members, are already hard at work examining existing practices and new opportunities, ensuring that our activities are mission appropriate and support the achievement of our key strategic imperatives.
Strategic development is an ongoing activity, requiring continued work and focus as we face a changing educational market and the world as we know it. The school's trustees, faculty, and staff engage in ongoing efforts to move James River forward in the path described by our mission and strategic plan.