Summer Reading

What amazing books will you read this summer?reading whilst on vacation
All students going into grades K-8 are encouraged to read or be read to, for at least twenty minutes each day. The habit of daily reading ensures robust vocabulary development, increased reading fluency, and expanded comprehension.
This summer our library is undergoing needed roof repairs and will, therefore, be closed. We are delighted to see these necessary changes get underway, knowing they will prolong the life and usefulness of our much-loved Taylor Media Center. 
Students are encouraged to read daily. AR (Accelerated Reader) points are not mandatory but
provide structure to track reading progress. Accelerated Reader provides short quizzes to
support comprehension. Suggested points:
  • Rising 1st graders - 2 points
  • Rising 2nd graders - 4 points
  • Rising 3rd graders - 6 points
Three books total are required.
  • Rising 4th Graders must read one book from either series: The Questioneer Book Series by Andrea Beaty or Dragons in a Bag Series by Zetta Elliot.
  • One nonfiction book of the student’s choice at the student’s reading level or above.
  • One independent book choice at the student’s reading level or above.
  1. Click on this link. Bookmark it on your computer for future reference.
  2. On the resulting webpage, click on I'm a student.
  3. Type in your username and password.
  4. Note: If needed, Renaissance ID is JRDS-31RC. 
  5. Click on the orange AR box.

  1. Type in the search box the title of the book you have read. 
  2. Take the quiz. 

If you need your username and password or if you have any trouble, please contact Betsy Rhodes at [email protected].


Three books total are required.
  • Required non-fiction book is When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar
  • Students need to read one independent book choice at the student’s reading level or above.
  • The grade-specific books required are:
    ● Rising 5th Graders must read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate
    ● Rising 6th Graders must read Lucky Broken Girl by Ruth Behar.
    ● Rising 7th graders must read Fish In A Tree by Linda Mullaly Hunt.
    ● Rising 8th graders must read Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Middle school readers will not use AR. Expect classroom activities and discussions in the fall!

Givens Books gives the school a small percentage back on purchases made by James River families, faculty/staff, and supporters if you ask for this. At checkout, simply ask them to record your purchase for the benefit of James River Day School.

Below is a printable PDF of the reading requirements.