Why James River?

Why an Independent School?
Our leadership has the autonomy to advance the school and support delivery of our mission guided by the simple question, “What is best for the child?”
Why James River?
  • We offer a challenging academic curriculum that respects each student’s uniqueness.
  • We provide our students with unparalleled personal attention from teachers, administrators, and coaches.
  • Character education is ingrained in James River’s culture.
  • Along with a focus on communication skills, James River supports student growth in the leadership qualities of initiative, perseverance, tolerance, and integrity.
  • We offer the right balance of academics, athletics, arts, and play.
  • We are a caring and compassionate community composed of many different beliefs and traditions seeking points of unity in common experiences.
What are the Advantages of the K-8 Model?
  • An intentional focus on the educational needs of elementary and middle school students allows our program to meet students where they are developmentally. The K-8 model allows us to provide a challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment.
  • The K-8 model supports our middle school students in building their confidence and reinforcing their character by allowing them to serve as school leaders and role models for the younger students.
  • By 8th grade a child’s learning styles, interests, and strengths are clearly understood, making it easier to determine the best match for high school. James River students benefit greatly from the opportunity to choose the right high school at the right time.
  • With a strong foundation, students leave James River confident scholars, resilient leaders, and compassionate citizens and are prepared for new challenges.
Please contact Matthew Farley, Director of Enrollment Management, to arrange a personal tour. We look forward to meeting you.